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Dreams can't be locked down


Dreams can't be locked down

The window of an engineer

16- The window of an engineer

"...he got bored during lockdown so had to let the world know of the fundamental truth that the world runs on."

Researcher runaway

20- Researcher runaway

"During lockdown, Emma continued her research in a deserted campus. Here she is in her usual route, going to where her experiments are."

Ghost lab

21- Ghost lab

"In this picture I wanted to represent the invisible - the colleagues that were working from home - as a ghost working at their office."

Lockdown and the spirit

22- Lockdown and the spirit

"Despite the adversities that lockdown imposed to everyone, Ed was motivated to continue with passion the work that he and his teammates have done in this old Mini Cooper."

Why can't humans fly like birds?

23- Why can't humans fly like birds?

"This figure could give engineers inspirations of aerospace structure design and concepts of future transportation, especially when all of us have been locked at home because of Covid-19."

A socially distanced meal with the Acropolis

24- A socially distanced meal with The Acropolis

"Eating a meal, whilst complying with the social distancing rules, with a view of a true engineering and architectural marvel."

Not quite done and dusted

27- Not quite done and dusted

"Although it may not seem like it, we can be strong on our own, much like this barebone engineering structure of a time long gone. I think many can imagine themselves to be like this structure during these trying times in isolation."

Addis Ababa airport structure


Addis Ababa airport structure

Clean energy for cleaner air

34- Clean energy for cleaner air

"This photo presents a very lucky moment I had during lockdown in France when I accidentally ran into a construction site for 5 wind 180 ton wind turbines which engaged a reflection about the current state of the world and how engineering renewable energy is the root cause solution."

Iceberg in Earl Grey

36- Iceberg in Earl Grey (hot!)

"The thin film which form on the surface of a cup of Earl Grey tea breaks up in a similar fashion to icebergs in the sea. This image was taken in the middle of the coarsening process, only colour has been adjusted for creative effect to mimic an actual iceberg."

Dishwashing runescapes

37- Dishwashing runescapes

"This occured when washing dishes (this is on a lid of a pan), after wiping the lid with dishwashing liquid, you can see the hidden rune-ic patterns which form on the surface of the lid."

Labour of love

43- Labour of love

"Over 50 years ago, this 82 year old lady invested all her savings into a hand-cranked sewing machine. She is still working hard repairing shoes and bags because her customers need her and she genuinely loves her work. The antique sewing machine is a testament of good engineering"

Boom with a view


Boom with a view

Empty street

59- Empty street

"The street has never been so empty as this. The Covid-19 crisis showed us how our life could change when we all stopped. Even though there are no people or cars on the street, the entangled electricity, telecommunication cables are there to help us be closer."

Still life

60- Still life

"Our life is on hold just as the sailing boat in the picture. On the other hand, just like the gentle waves, time goes on. The picture is taken in one of the most polluted regions in South Korea. Restrictions resulted in a drop in a lot of critical pollutants."

Temperature screening

61- Temperature screening

"In most public places in South Korea, temperature screening is being done. This photo shows how engineering is applied to cope with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis."

isolation and connection

68- Isolation and connection

"When travel restrictions lifted, I was lucky to have chance to travel to Antarctica, the seventh continent. I was amazed by the nature in Antarctica. At the same time, I know it is engineering making the connection between us and the world."

Wind tunnel


City through the wind tunnel (1)

City through the wind tunnel


City through the wind tunnel (2)