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author = {Blyth, WA and Barr, DRW and Hankinson, N and Baena, FRY},
title = {An assessment of mecanum wheels for non-destructive testing (NDT) applications},
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AB - We present a study into the suitability of mecanum wheels for obtaining holonomic motion on complex geometries, such as those encountered within NDT. There are a number of industrial inspections with challenging requirements for sensors positioning, such as ultrasonic inspection of nozzle welds in pressure vessels. These challenging trajectories necessitate additional degrees of control over conventional two-axis approaches, for example crawlers or X-Y frame systems, which are restrictive. Mecanum wheels in principle offer an excellent advantage for NDT crawlers, enabling unlimited motion within the plane, however the accurate and controllable behaviour of these wheels on non-planar and non-horizontal surfaces is not well understood. In this paper we illustrate the interactions between a mecanum wheel based crawler and complex geometries and construct a model to assess the performance of the mecanum wheels with respect to the requirements of NDT, to smoothly and precisely follow complex trajectories. The potential of mecanum wheel systems is then contrasted against other wheeled systems in terms of NDT demands, and we conclude that the applicability of mecanum wheels to some tasks offers potential gains yet presents additional challenges in others.
AU - Blyth,WA
AU - Barr,DRW
AU - Hankinson,N
AU - Baena,FRY
PY - 2014///
TI - An assessment of mecanum wheels for non-destructive testing (NDT) applications
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