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AB - © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014. A novel steerable probe is being developed to access deep seated targets within soft tissue, with the aim of improving the accuracy of minimally invasive percutaneous needle insertions. Consisting of multiple axially interlocked segments that independently slide along each other, miniaturization of the design is required in order for the needle to be used in surgery. Within this study, a set of parameters which minimizes the risk of both buckling and separation is identified and a design optimization procedure based on finite element models is developed for the needle geometry. Four significant design variables are defined for a genetic multi-objective optimization algorithm. Loads and interactions between the four parts due to curved paths taken inside the soft tissue are modeled using generalized plane strain elements. The optimized set of non-dominated solutions is analyzed. By applying a decision- making process based on the value path method, the nondominated solutions are compared across the four objectives. It is found that smaller and less pronounced interlock features reduce contact forces and improve the sliding performance between needle segments. This results in a trade-off relationship between sliding performance and interlock strength and the most feasible design showing the best performance across all objectives is selected. The outcome is a new optimized design for the needle, which will be manufactured and tested with a suitable controller both in vitro and ex vivo.
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