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AB - In hands-on robotic surgery, the surgical tool ismounted on the end effector of a robot and is directly manipulatedby the surgeon. This simultaneously exploits the strengthsof both humans and robots; such that the surgeon directly feelstool-tissue interactions and remains in control of the procedure,while taking advantage of the robot’s higher precision andaccuracy. A crucial challenge in hands-on robotics for delicatemanipulation tasks, such as surgery, is that the user must interactwith the dynamics of the robot at the end effector, whichcan reduce dexterity and increase fatigue. This paper presentsa null-space based optimization technique for simultaneouslyminimizing the mass and friction of the robot that is experiencedby the surgeon. By defining a novel optimization technique forminimizing the projection of the joint friction onto the endeffector, and integrating this with our previous techniques forminimizing the belted mass/inertia as perceived by the hand, asignificant reduction in dynamics felt by the user is achieved.Experimental analyses in both simulation and human user trialsdemonstrate that the presented method can reduce the userexperienced dynamic mass and friction by, on average, 44%and 41% respectively. The results presented robustly demonstratethat optimizing a robots pose can result in a more natural toolmotion, potentially allowing future surgical robots to operatewith increased usability, improved surgical outcomes and widerclinical uptake.
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