Deconvolved microscopic image taken using FILM equipment

(Picture courtesy - Kyasha Sri Ranjan: Example of widefield deconvolution)


  • Deconvolution of widefield, confocal and multiphoton data
  • Object analysis
  • Colocalization analysis
  • Charged Software


From March 15th, access the FILM Huygens software package will be different. Huygens will be run on a dedicated Windows server, which is more powerful than the current system. This should increase the speed for deconvolution by a factor of up to three.

 Please contact film-service if you require access or training of the Huygens software

Quick Start Guide - Huygens (PDF)

Usefule Youtube Videos

Deconvolution part 1
Deconvolution part 2
Batch Processor
PSF Distiller
Object Analyser

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