The Explore PGT pedagogies provides development and discussion opportunities for educators to come together and explore key questions and practices in postgraduate teaching and Learning. We hope to provide a space for colleagues to share experiences and engage with their teaching practices in new ways.

As part of the Explore PGT Pedagogies workshop series, we deliver a variety of stand-alone workshops on a repeated basis. Please note that the workshop offering is not limited to the below, and we invite teaching staff to request and/or collaborate on the design and implementation of additional future workshops. Currently, Explore PGT Pedagogies take place online through Microsoft Teams.

All teaching staff within the Faculty are invited to attend either or both of the above workshops, but please note that workshops are capped at 20 attendees per session. If you would like to attend, you can sign up via this Qualtrics form.

If you are interested in attending these workshops but are unable to attend any of the given slots, please do indicate your preferred availability via the sign-up form. If we have sufficient interest in another time slot, we may be able to run additional workshops.

You can see our current workshop offerings below. To find out dates please consult our sign up form.

Managing the online learning space

This workshop seeks to explore practical management of the online learning space throughout the implementation of pre-designed teaching, by looking into how we might authentically gauge student learning, adapt to cohort diversity, and use a holistic perspective to inform appropriate decision making and sensitive intervention where necessary.

Evaluating your teaching 1: Principles and Practice

This workshop is intended to provide participants with key concepts and theoretical models that can inform how we assess our own teaching practice, from one-off teaching to broader evaluation.

Evaluating your teaching 2: Applying principles of evaluation

This workshop provides participants with the space to reflect in-depth on their current/ previous evaluation processes and to apply appropriate tools, models and priorities to plan for future evaluation activities.

Managing student expectations

Various unique tensions exist for Master’s students and those that teach them, just one example being the balance of supporting students in their transition to challenging Master’s-level study, and also developing the essential autonomy that is required of students at PGT-level. This workshop explores how effective management of student expectations can be a useful tool in the management of such tensions, and practical techniques for doing so in partnership with our students.

Authentic Assessment

This workshop explores we can use our professional practice to inform and embed authentic learning activities and assessments within PGT study in an effective manner.

Unpacking ‘Mastersness’

This workshop explores the concept of ‘Mastersness’: unpacking what PGT study is ‘for’, what we should expect of our students at this level and how this impacts our teaching.