Explore Teacher Identity and Recognitions aims to enhance the profile of and engagement with the teaching and learning community through supporting colleagues to reflect on their educator identities.

The project provides a platform to pursue and showcase staff enthusiasm and experience and to celebrate their teacher identities, whilst embracing the changing culture within the Faculty but also supporting individuals in a way that will empower staff to pursue ambitious education innovations and leadership.

HEA Fellowships Workshops

As part of this project, all staff involved in designing and delivering Learning and Teaching within the Faculty of Medicine are invited to attend the following workshops towards the preparation of Fellowship applications for the Higher Education Academy at appropriate levels (Associate Fellow, Fellow or Senior Fellow). 

We will be conducting trio workshop series, each term, tailored specifically for AFHEA/FHEA aspirants and a separate series for SFHEA aspirants. These workshops are repeated every term and are complementary to but different from STAR workshops run by the Educational Development Unit.

It is advisable to attend all three workshops in a trio as they cover different aspects of the application process and writing. However, you are welcome to attend specific sessions alone.

Winter 2021:

SFHEA Trio Workshops

  • Workshop 1: Reflectively mapping UKPSF to your practice - Tuesday 14th December 13.00 - 14.30
  • Workshop 2: Leadership, identity and context of your practice - Wednesday 15th December 13.00 - 14.30
  • Workshop 3: Evidencing impact of your practice - Thursday 16th December 13.00 - 14.30

Sign up for the SFHEA workshops and/or writing retreat here

FHEA/AFHEA Trio Workshops

  • Workshop 1: Reflectively mapping UKPSF to your practice - Tuesday 7th December 15.30 - 17.00
  • Workshop 2: Teaching philosophies and your practice - Wednesday 8th December 15.30 - 17.00
  • Workshop 3: Evidencing impact of your practice - Thursday 9th December 15.30 - 17.00

Sign up for the FHEA/AFHEA workshops and/or writing retreat here.  

Writing Retreats

To help with writing your Fellowship application, we also provide protected time, space at our monthly writing retreats. One common issue colleagues encounter when preparing their Fellowship applications is how to find the time in a busy schedule with so many other priorities. It is easy to lose momentum. At these retreats, you will spend quiet time writing alongside others on the retreat, and during short breaks have the opportunity to ask questions. 

You can join the retreat whether you are just starting your application, half-way through it or just editing a final draft. You may have a clear idea of how you want to use the time, or we provide worksheets if you need guidance or ideas.

Upcoming online writing retreats for all categories of HEA Fellowship:

  • Friday 10th December 10.00 - 12.15
  • Friday 17th December 10.00 - 12.15

 Sign-up for the writing retreats using the links above.

HEA Fellowships Mentoring

Writing a Fellowship application is an exploration of our past experience, our values and who we are as an educator.  It can be a transformational process as we discover new aspects of ourselves or process our experience through the new lens of the Fellowship and UK Professional Standards Framework.  It can therefore be useful to have a mentor for a more dialogic experience, where you can benefit from the experience of somebody else who has been through that process.  

Our dedicated mentors provide you with support and bespoke feedback throughout your application journey and we provide guidance for both the mentor and the mentee. If you already have FHEA or SFHEA, you may also be interested in volunteering as a mentor with the Academic Development Team. 

To request a mentor, volunteer as a mentor, or make queries about any of the above events, please e-mail Latha Ramakrishnan (l.ramakrishnan@imperial.ac.uk).