SOMMER series

The MERU Seminar Series is a series of medical education research seminars with talks and panels including senior internal staff and exciting external speakers

**postponed until later this year**

Next MERU seminar

From excellent teaching to scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) in medical education

Dr Ines Direito (UCL, CEE) (invited speaker) & Dr Ana Baptista (IC, MERU)

      TBC - **postponed**
      refreshments will be provided
      Location: SAFB MDL1 (Bay D), South Kensington



This seminar is focused on supporting medical educators who are keen to develop a scholarly approach to improving teaching and learning. We will start the session by discussing differences within the contested discourse(s) of ‘excellent teaching’ and the ‘scholarship of teaching and learning’ (SoTL). We will then explore a range of activities within SoTL that have impact on teaching practices and on students learning not only informed by SoTL but also medical education literature. Drawing on works in science, engineering and medical education research, we will offer practical suggestions on how to locate participants’ work and gather the necessary evidence for it to constitute SoTL. Participants in this interactive seminar will identify an area where they would like to develop their work, and will engage practically to develop a plan to accomplish this.

Bio of the invited speaker

Dr Inês Direito (FHEA) is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Engineering Education, University College London. She has a background in Psychology and has been working in STEM Research for more than a decade. Her main research interests are in gender, diversity and inclusivity in engineering education, the development of personal and professional skills. Inês is the Chair of the European Society of Engineering Education special interest group on gender and diversity.