How to apply

The investigator should complete an MEEC application form. Once this form is submitted, investigators receive a confirmation message noting that their submission has been successful.

  • Applications received by 17:00 on the submission deadline will be referred to the committee for review.
  • Please note that the MEEC portal for applications closes after the submission deadline and reopens after the Committee meeting for that deadline has been held.

ethics app accordion

Required documents for application

New application

The following information and documents are required to support the application:

  • Names and contact details of investigators involved in the study
  • Start and end dates of the study
  • A summary of the study protocol (500 words)
  • Information on study participants and recruitment (200 words)
  • A summary of ethical issues that may arise (200 words)
  • A list of the potential risks of the study (200 words)
  • Any other relevant documents such as participant information sheets, *consent forms, questionnaires, advertisements etc in pdf format for upload

An example of a consent form can be accessed under Example Consent Form.

Once you have all of these documents please complete the MEEC application form. Before you begin, you will need to have read the application form in its entirety and prepared the required documents (above). If you have any queries, or issues with the online application form, please contact the MEEC Coordinator.

Recruiting medical students

Students may be recruited via the following routes only:

  • ICSMSU Newsletter
  • Noticeboards
  • As a news item on Blackboard Learn (Teaching resource for students)
  • “Shout-out” after lectures; with the permission of the lecturer concerned.
  • Monthly “Opportunities” e-bulletin from ICSMSU

Should a year-specific recruitment strategy be required, MEEC may exceptionally agree to an advertisement being placed on the appropriate year page of ICSMSU Facebook or via Twitter.

Please be advised that the School of Medicine do not encourage emailing directly to students unless the study is of direct relevance to teaching evaluation.


The investigator will be notified in writing, within two weeks of the meeting with the committee decision.

There are three possible ethical decisions


1. MEEC gives ethical approval

The committee will give approval to an application which demonstrates that:

  • sufficient procedures are in place to protect those involved in the research
  • the ethical issues are adequately dealt with
  • all the relevant documentation and information has been provided

If the application is approved, the investigator is free to start the study, providing no other approval is required by ICREC or NHS REC.

2. MEEC gives ethical approval, subject to amendment

The committee will give provisional approval if they feel that:

  • an amendment to the application needs to be made
  • further information on one or a number of aspects to the application is needed

 The investigator will be notified of the issues that need resolution. 

Depending upon the extent of the amendments, or the importance of the additional information, the application can subsequently be approved by one of the following methods:

  • Chair's Action
  • Sent to the next MEEC meeting for further discussion and decision

3. MEEC rejects the application

The committee will reject the application if the ethical issues have not been adequately discussed or they feel that:

  • the application is ethically flawed
  • if the nature of the study does not require ethical committee approval
  • the application does not fall within the remit of the committee

Once an application has been approved by MEEC, the investigator has a responsibility to ensure that the ensuing research stays in line with the original application. If any changes are required, for example the start/end dates or recruitment strategy, the investigator should contact MEEC for advice (