Curriculum Development
Curriculum development

The innovative new curriculum at LKCMedicine was designed collaboratively with the London Office Curriculum Development team working closely with LKCMedicine Faculty in Singapore. This process began shortly after the signing of the Imperial-NTU Collaboration Agreement in October 2010. This involved a comprehensive review of the Imperial curriculum and of curricula internationally as well as local needs assessment in Singapore. This has resulted in a bespoke, innovative programme which combines many elements of the Imperial MBBS programme; enhanced and contextualised for Singapore. 

The team in the London Office of LKCMedicine have responsibility for design and delivery of the curriculum to expert educators in Singapore and retains oversight of ongoing curriculum development as the school grows in size and prominence. 

The team co-ordinates the activities of expert academics and clinicians from Imperial College London in the preparation of curriculum materials, including the creation and editing of 300 narrated powerpoint slides, iBooks, course guides and timetables. The team also helps support both the design and content of assessments. Members of the team collaborate with our colleagues from Singapore and attend joint committee meetings using state of the art video conference facilities. In addition, senior members of the team regularly visit Singapore to support the local teaching team in the delivery and development of the curriculum.

The London office has undertaken medical education research that has been presented at conferences in Texas, Prague, Cambridge (UK) and Singapore. The team reports both research and evaluation findings to senior faculty at Imperial College and LKCMedicine, enhancing the delivery of undergraduate teaching and the development of innovation in both institutions.