BRC Genomics Facility

Integrated support for translational sequencing projects

The NIHR Imperial BRC Genomics Facility is one of the core facilities of the Genetics and Genomics Research Theme of the NIHR Imperial BRC. It forms part of the Epigenomics and Disease Section of the Department of Medicine and provides infrastructure and services to support translational research, harnessing genome information to advance disease diagnostics, prognosis and treatment.

We provide integrated support for translational sequencing projects - from experimental design to library preparation, sequencing, data generation and analysis. Our team of experienced laboratory scientists and bioinformaticians bring together multidisciplinary expertise to offer clinicians and scientists access to state-of-the-art genome sequencing technologies, high-performance computing resources and cutting edge bioinformatics analysis of genomic data.

The facility co-organises the BRC Genomics Seminar Series a forum for Imperial investigators interested in genome biology and genomic medicine, that attracts outstanding speakers in the field from the UK and abroad. The series covers topics such as cancer genomics, genetics of model systems, epigenetics, high throughput analysis of gene function and comparative genomics, among others.