Door with hazard sign

Important safety information

  • Unfixed samples above a Biosafety level of 2 (BSL2, Category 2 Pathogens) cannot be processed or sorted in this facility.
  • Users that wish to run samples containing any agents above BSL2 must FIX samples to inactivate the agent should get in contact before the first run of any such sample material. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination of all access rights.
  • All cell samples brought into the laboratory, whether for acquisition & analysis or for sorting must be assessed for pathogenic and GM potential.
  • Imperial College Health and Safety policy stipulates that all experiments to be undertaken in any project must have a valid risk assessment completed.
  • Fixed samples can be sorted after the fixative is removed.
  • All samples must be brought to the laboratory in a secondary containment with securely fitted lid.
  • Please bring your own lab coats.

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