If you would like to find out more about Imperial's MRC Centres, please use the contact details below.  Example projects are providing on the home page.

MRC Centre for Molecular Bacteriology and Infection

Centre Manager, Kylie Glasgow k.glasgow@imperial.ac.uk

MRC Centre for Outbreak Analysis and Modelling

Please send an email to ide-phd@imperial.ac.uk 

MRC-PHE Centre for Environment & Health

Scientific Manager, Elizabeth Hayes e.hayes@imperial.ac.uk

MRC UK Dementia Research Institute

Prof William Wisden, w.wisden@imperial.ac.uk

MRC-NIHR Phenome Centre

Head of Centre, Prof Jeremy Nicholson, j.nicholson@imperial.ac.uk

MRC Doctoral Training Partnership

Postgraduate Education Manager, Nousheen Tariq n.tariq@imperial.ac.uk