Gregory Shepherd

Country of originGregory Shepherd
United Kingdom

What did you most enjoy about your course?
I really enjoyed exploring a different way of thinking to what I have become accustomed to in medicine. Having the opportunity to explore a very different field in-depth was very refreshing; especially being able to bounce these ideas around with a great group of students and faculty.

What did you most appreciate about the Faculty/College?
I really appreciated how the faculty had time for every student and was able to adapt to each of their needs. They were always approachable and their advice always insightful.

How did it feel to receive the Dean's Prize?
I had not been aware the prize existed so I was very surprised, however it is extremely gratifying to have my hard work acknowledged.

What are you doing now/What do you plan on doing after graduation?
I have now completed my training in paediatric surgery and I am applying for consultant jobs. I will continue to put to use the skills, ideas and principles I have learnt on the course to facilitate my own and others' education.