Preventive Cardiology Theory and Practice

This module develops a broad understanding of the evidence and clinical practice of preventive cardiology, with reference to the national and international cardiovascular disease prevention guidelines. The efficacy of lifestyle interventions (smoking, diet and physical activity), medical management of cardiovascular risk factors and the use of cardioprotective medications are explored. A critical appraisal of the evidence for behavioural and social care models is included as well as practical therapeutic applications. Click for further information.

Nutrition and Weight Management

The aim of this module is to promote the acquisition of evidence based knowledge and skills needed for safe and effective professional practice of dietary and weight management in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Click for further information.


This module discusses the scientific background and its application to the detection, prevention and treatment of diabetes, both through lifestyle and pharmacological therapies. An update on clinical guidelines and trial evidence in prevention and treatment of diabetes are explored. Click for further information.

Medical Risk Factor Management

This module discusses the scientific background for blood pressure and cholesterol and its application to the prevention and treatment of CVD with pharmacological therapies. The module aims to identify and evaluate best practice in the use of prophylactic drug therapies in the prevention of CVD. It explores the associated clinical outcome data associated with best-practice and explores the current health care structure and policies that govern current practice. Click for further information.

Physical Activity and Exercise

This module aims to critically review the evidence base for the role of physical inactivity in the aetiology of CVD. Students will also evaluate how the evidence base for physical activity can be translated into practical strategies to help reduce CVD. Click for further information.

Smoking Cessation Strategies

This module looks at the approach to smoking cessation recommended by the Department of Health (DH). It presents the importance of smoking cessation and evaluates the current literature into the effectiveness of behavioural, pharmacological and combination interventions. The module includes clinical observation of smoking cessation clinics in practice. Click for further information.

Risk Estimation

This module encompasses the Department of Health publication of ‘Putting Prevention First’ and the public health agenda in screening for and managing individuals at high cardiovascular risk as a top priority. Students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to critically estimate risk using a number of tools and approaches. Click for further information

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