Please note that your application will be received and processed by the Postgraduate Medical Admissions Registry team at the South Kensington campus before it is sent to the Course organiser for consideration. Please contact the Registry team to find out the status of your application but, if you have a specific query or wish to discuss your suitability for the course in more detail, please contact the course administrator, Celeste Miles.

Step 1

If you think you satisfy the entry requirements and would like to apply to the MSc Functional Omics course, please complete an online application form . If you are unable to access the online application form, please contact Registry who will be able to help.

Application forms go straight to the Registry department who then process and forward them to us (this can take up to 6 weeks).

Step 2

Once we have received your application from the Registry department, it will be assessed by the Course Organiser. When necessary, we will contact you to arrange an interview and then make an informal offer where appropriate. If an offer is made, Registry will send you notification that you have been made an offer. The offer details and conditions of the offer can then be viewed via your eService pages. Common conditions are:

  1. Finance: You will need to confirm that you can support yourself financially for the year. This is achieved by completing a form via the eService.
  2. Fees status: It is necessary for the College to determine your fees status (Home/EU/Overseas) in order for them to invoice you for the correct course fees. This is achieved by completing a Fees status questionnaire (FSQ) available via the eService.
  3. Academic: Your offer may be subject to you receiving a particular grade/class in your degree. E.g. Offer subject to 2.1. If you already have completed your degree, or once you have completed your degree, you will be required to provide the College with proof of your qualification. This is done by sending your original degree certificates to the College for them to verify. Information about this will be included in your offer letter.
  4. English: Your offer may be subject to you passing an English test (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS). More details can be found on the Entry Requirements page. Once you have passed the test with the required results, you will be required to provide the College with proof of your qualification. Information about this will be included in your offer letter.
  5. Reference: Applications can be considered with one reference but an applicant cannot be accepted before two references have been provided and accepted by the College. References can only be accepted from professional email addresses e.g. They will not be accepted if they have been received from a personal email address e.g. Yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc. The College requires at least one reference to be from an academic, therefore if the two references provided by an applicant are from employers, a third reference will be requested. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that referees upload their references. The College will email referees, at the point that the Course makes an offer, to tell them that a reference is required. However, the College will not email the referees again if references are not received.

Step 3

If you decide to accept the offer you must accept the offer via the eService and then complete the conditions of the offer, as detailed on eService and explained, in brief, above. Once all the conditions have been met, you will be accepted onto the course.

Once you have accepted the offer, you will be required to pay 10% of the course fees, as a deposit, before the course starts. If you complete the terms of your offer after mid-July, you will be invoiced and be expected to pay the full fee before the start of term.

Fees for this course include both tuition and bench fees. For more information about how fees and deposits are paid, please see the Tuiton fees webpage, or contact the Tuition Fees Team directly. Please note that the College Tuition Fees Team deals with all tuition fee payments, not the MSc. Immunology course administrator.

N.B. The College can withdraw your offer after you have been accepted onto the course if you do not pay your deposit on time.

Step 4 - Your place is secured

Once you have been accepted onto the course and you have paid your deposit, your place on the course will be secure and we will look forward to seeing you on in October for the start of the course.  The course team will be in touch about this in September.