Students are tested through a combination of written examinations, assessed coursework in the form of laboratory write-ups and essays (Element 2), and the individual research project dissertation and viva (Element 2).

Element 1: Written examination and coursework

The components of the Written Examination and Coursework Element and the proportion of the marks attributed to them are:

  • Paper I: Molecular Biology of Viruses (36%)
  • Paper II: Viral Pathogenesis, Host Responses and Virus Evolution (36%)
  • Written Assignments (14%)
  • Experimental Practicals (14%)

There are two three-hour written papers based on the taught component of the programme. The written examinations are held at the end of February. Continuous assessment is based on written assignments, reports of the practical classes.  Timely feedback is provided to the students as soon as possible after the students have completed the assessments.

The curriculum teaching is linked to opportunities for students to show what they have learnt through completing the assessment. The adequate time is given to complete the assignments.  The deadlines for the assignments are available on the programme’s Blackboard.

European Credit Transfer and Allocation Scheme (ECTS) allocation: 30 ECTS

Element 2: Project Dissertation & viva voce

Project reports are submitted by the end of August.

An oral, viva exam based on the project and other coursework is normally held towards the end of September to decide the final mark.

ECTS allocation: 60 ECTS