Sarah Glynne

Country of originSarah Glynne
United Kingdom

What did you most enjoy about your course?
The quality of the teaching was superb. The lecturers were friendly, approachable and inspiring. It was a privilege to meet them and be taught by them.

What did you most appreciate about the Faculty/College?
The teaching - as above.

How did it feel to receive the Dean's Prize?
I was thrilled to be awarded the Dean's Prize. It felt as though all my hard work had been recognised and rewarded. It has inspired me to write an article and present my results for publication, to share the results of my research in the hope that it will benefit others.

What are you doing now/What do you plan on doing after graduation?
I am a GP partner in Balham. I am now the allergy and asthma lead at my practice. I advise on allergy related matters and am able to see patients in primary care that would have previously been referred to secondary care. I have written numerous asthma protocols and guidelines and am very focused on improving the standard of asthma care at the surgery. I am also very involved in teaching and disseminating my learning to my colleagues. medical students and patients.

Any other comments
I have thoroughly enjoyed being an MSc student at Imperial and would highly recommend the course to anyone else who might be interested.