Patrick Couret

Country of originPatrick Couret
Mexico/United Kingdom

What did you most enjoy about your course?
I am afraid there is an extremely long answer for this one. But to sum up things, I believe it was being able to translate the knowledge and science into daily clinical practice. A much-appreciated skill acquired from the programme. The social life and community activities, such as volunteering, were a highlight as well. 

What did you most appreciate about the Faculty/College?

  1. My consultant supervisor: Dr Ian Maconochie is one busy and charismatic man that decided to believe in me. He's clearly passionate about his work. And after listening to my crazy proposals, he made a wee space in his calendar to support me. He has been the ultimate source of guidance, inspiration, and great ideas.
  2. The science and learning. From my personal experience I can tell that Imperial is a place where great minds meet, and do science on what they are passionate about. It is a great place for anyone that enjoys learning and science. You have learning everywhere, from lecture theatres, hospitals and laboratories to fun science festivals.
  3. The state-of-the-art facilities and hospitals.
  4. The Faculty.  Most of the members of my programme are well renowned experts in their fields. They are not just brilliant, but kind, inspirational and supportive.
  5. The library and thee medical library. We have a powerful and very comprehensive library. Name a source of data and information, and you can have it, no matter what or where is it. The medical library at St. Mary's has a slight resemblance to the Jedi library from Star Wars, which is another virtue.
  6. The staff. The staff at all levels is very supportive. I never found myself without help and support.   

How did it feel to receive the Dean's Prize?
For starters, I had no idea there was a prize!  It made me feel honoured. When I read the notification for the prize I was feeling low in spirits and very tired. Thus, receiving the news was very well welcomed.  It made me remember that I am on the right path for my own version of success. I can never be happy enough but I am content with the news.

What are you doing now/What do you plan on doing after graduation?
I work in the clinical specialty of Paediatrics, and I want to get more experience in paediatric A&E medicine.  After graduation, I might go and celebrate with friends and colleagues. In private, I will reflect about my existence and my purpose in life, while taking a prolonged bath. Then, I will probably decide to continue striving for excellence and having fun at it. Somewhere in the near future, I plan to sit my MRCPCH exams and continue doing academic and clinical Paediatrics.

Any other comments
Thank you, if you happen to be reading this and have supported me throughout my life and career.