Up to two Revolutions in Biomedicine Summer School scholarships are available to cover the full 2020 programme fees, subject to terms and conditions.  

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A student in one of the 2019 taught themes interactive sessions.

How to apply

To apply for a scholarship for the 2020 Summer School, please submit the following scholarship application form. The panel are looking for reasons that are not in your programme application form as to why the Summer School will help you to succeed in biomedical sciences in your years after graduation.

The deadline for scholarship applications is at 23.59 GMT on Sunday 1 March.  Only applicants who have completed both the scholarship and programme application before the deadline will be considered for the scholarship. 

Late submissions will not be accepted. 

Students attending the 2019 Graduation ceremony.

Selection process

  • Review of scholarship and programme application forms
  • Applicants shortlisted for Skype interview
  • Panel holds Skype Interviews (mid-March, date to be confirmed)
  • Applicants informed of outcome of application

We select scholarship awardees based on your evident potential to succeed in biomedical sciences in your years after graduation. You will not hear an answer on your application until after the scholarship deadline has passed.

Any offers made will be subject to the receipt of academic references. 

Habibah, our 2019 scholarship awardee

Past scholarship awardees

"As a medical student I found this summer course not only eye-opening but also as a great opportunity to start building networks! The academic themes gave a taste for various topics, presented by some of the best scholars in the subjects. I met students from all corners of the world with whom I learned to collaborate with. From hands-on research project and access to state of the art technology, I gained both technical skills and soft skills to engage in lab works. Exploring museums, having picnics and experiencing London's diverse culture with friends I have connected with were the hardest things to say goodbye to. Going back, I feel more confident yet challenged to seek the opportunities that await!" - Habibah, 2019 scholarship awardee, Indonesia

Hear more from Habibah and our other alumni.