The Revolutions in Biomedicine Summer School experience is unlike any other. Read what our past students say about this exciting programme.

Alumni profiles

Abe, Australia

Abe (Australia), 2016 Academic Prize Winner

It's hard to say what I enjoyed the most about the programme, because there were simply so many positive aspects of the course that accrued to make it an unforgettable experience. I really did appreciate the passion genuinely expressed by each of the lecturers in the programme. This, coupled with the content of the topics and the facilities offered by the College, is one reason in my opinion why the College is a world leading one. 

Charlene, Hong Kong, 2017 Academic Prize Winner

Charlene (Hong Kong), 2017 Academic Prize Winner

If I have to highlight the thing I enjoyed most it can be expressed by one word - diversity. I had the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world, with different cultural and educational backgrounds. I had the unique opportunity to exchange enlightening ideas, work with them on the mini research project where we complement and learn from each other's strengths, as well as to build long-lasting friendships with them. 

Winning lab group

Bei Fang (Singapore), 2017 Lab Prize Winner

I was shocked when I heard my team won the lab project prize. We had some arguments as our working styles were different. However, we solved the problems and talked to each other. After talking, we felt comfortable with each other and started to work well. When I heard how Wayne described our team, I knew teamwork was the most important thing in the lab. We couldn't work alone in the lab and needed each other to finish the project. 

Scholarship awardees

2017 scholarship awardees

Victor (Peru) and Elaida (USA), 2017 Scholars

Elaida: London is amazing! Coming from America, it was interesting to see both the big differences but also the small nuances that I wouldn't ever guess would be different, whether related to language, food or social etiquette. Because of the nature of the programme, its impact on my life will be very long lasting - I made awesome friends and future colleagues and learned about a variety of topics that will inevitably come back in my future scientific career. 

Victor: I still remember every one of the conversations I had with Dr Jeffrey Vernon, Dr Sophie Rutschmann and Dr Wayne Mitchell, moments that I will treasure for the rest of my life. The July 2017 Revolutions in Biomedicine Summer School has been a game-changing experience and a month I will cherish and remember forever. I had the honour to meet exceptional people and lifelong friends I wholeheartedly hope to see down the road. 

2016 scholarship awardees

Misya (Indonesia) and Raymond (Hong Kong), 2016 Scholars

Misya:  The summer school was an amazing experience both inside and outside the classroom. The opportunity to be able to interact and discuss topics with the best people in their fields is a very rare and unique experience that I would not have been able to obtain outside of this programme. Imperial College London is a beautiful campus with top-notch facilities. Our interactions with the faculty went beyond just the classroom as they were willing to talk about their career paths and current work. 

Raymond: The sessions were interesting and inspiring. Some sessions allowed us hands-on experience of using advanced equipment; some required our imagination or knowledge to design a model or win a game. Above all, and through these interactive activities, we were able to exchange our ideas and to meet friends. The summer school has definitely increased my interest in doing research in related fields and in pursuing study at Imperial. 

Alumni profiles

Stephanie, Hong Kong

Stephanie (Hong Kong), 2017 Lab Prize Winner

We were always stimulated by new ideas and new knowledge that we would otherwise never have the chance to study. I got to meet 60 other intellectually motivated students from 20 different countries, who all share the same passion for science as I do. It was awesome to befriend people with various backgrounds, both culturally and academically. There was a parallel social program in the evening so that international students like me not only get to know more about London, but also to fully immerse into its culture.

Vivien, Singapore, 2017 Lab Prize Winner

Vivien (Singapore), 2017 Lab Prize Winner

It came as a surprise to my whole group when we won the Lab Prize, because we screwed up our experiments! Receiving the lab project prize is an affirmation of our tenacity and perseverance to redo the whole experiment. I am thankful for all the Professors who were so patient, as well as my group mates who were able to keep up the optimism and continue on! My lab partners were from Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia, studying Medicine and Neuroscience respectively. It was interesting to hear about their fields and their countries.

Academic Prize Winner

Kara (USA), 2015 Academic Prize Winner

I appreciated how supportive and welcoming the College and Faculty were to us. In addition to being so approachable, I thought it was great to see some of the faculty mingle with the students and ask about our background and what were thinking about doing in the future. I also enjoyed being in the city of London and learning about its history and culture. There was always something fun to do in the city! By the end of the program, we were familiar with British expressions and experts on using the tube.