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AB - There is increasing interest in constructing artificial cells by functionalisinglipid vesicles with biological and synthetic machinery. Due to their reduced complexity and lack of evolved biochemical pathways, the capabilities of artificial cells are limitedin comparison to their biologicalcounterparts. We show that encapsulating living cells in vesicles provides a means for artificial cells to leverage cellular biochemistry, with the encapsulated cells serving organelle-like functions as living modules inside a larger syntheticcell assembly. Using microfluidic technologies to construct such hybrid systems, we demonstrate that the vesicle host and the encapsulated cell operate in concert. The external architecture of the vesicle shields the cell from toxic surroundings, whilethe cellacts as a bioreactor module that processes encapsulated feedstock which is further processedby a synthetic enzymatic cascadeco-encapsulated in the vesicle.
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