Top imageOur main research aim is to support and advance scientific understanding of the heritable molecular mechanisms and environmental factors that control human susceptibility to complex common diseases, in particular, Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and linked illnesses, including cancer.

The methods we use range from innovative big data “omics” analysis to testing specific gene variants in vitro and in vivo. Our results will lay the foundation for precision and personalised medicine, leading to improved medical treatment for patients and targeted lifestyle or pharmaceutical preventative strategies for high-risk individuals.

Study options

We run a yearly 12-month MSc in Human Molecular Genetics which includes a 6-month hands-on research project. This MSc provides practical training in human molecular genetics, genomics and precision medicine, using advanced molecular and bioinformatic techniques.

In addition, we run an annual short course providing an introduction to the statistical analysis of genome-wide association.

Key researchers