Abbigail TanAbbigail Tan

Diabesity and Obesity. 

Cohort Year

Dr Ed Chambers 

What attracted you to the MRes in Clinical Research?  
Clinical research is very hands on with human patients combined with the aspect of medical knowledge and research as well which I really enjoy 

What specific area are you focussing on for you project?  
Pre-exercise carbohydrate intake on appetite, energy balance and gut hormones 

Most beneficial things about the programme  
You really get to dive into the 'real life' clinical research experience 

What are you planning to do after the MRes? 
Either PhD in a related field (diabetes and obesity) or clinical research related job 

What advice would you give those considering the MRes in Clinical Research? 
If you want to progress into a career where you want to be involved in both research and clinical, this MRes is a great opportunity for you to have some insight into the field 

How do you think the course will impact your future career?  
I have gained much knowledge and experience from this course, and I extremely enjoyed the Diabetes & Obesity aspect of it. It has allowed me to have a clear idea of which field of science and research I would like to take in the near future. 

What are you enjoying most about studying at Imperial and in the Faculty of Medicine? 
It was the location of the campus and those I worked with that made the course really enjoyable - Hammersmith Hospital Imperial College. It made me feel like I was in the working world - working with all the professionals and doctors alongside my MRes and project, instead of having the thinking that I am just spending another year in 'uni'. All the staff are very humble, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and very easy to approach. Without them, I would not have enjoyed this course half as much.