ThomasCohort year:

My project title:
Role of physical forces in regulating preantral follicle development

Current role:
PhD Student at Imperial College London.

My main areas of interest:
Bioengineering of the ovarian environment.

The most beneficial things about the programme:
The taught component gave a thorough grounding in reproductive sciences. I also gained fantastic exposure to a wide range of techniques during the project which prepared me for work as a PhD student.

The things I enjoyed the most about the programme/Imperial College London/London:
The taught component gave us varied access to experts within their fields as well as guest lecturers from industry. A broad range of teaching was very beneficial for me to work out where I would like to continue research. I also really enjoyed being involved in an active research team within the project. Equally going to university in London is fantastic with lots of different things to do.

Since getting my Master’s, here are some of the things I’ve done:
• Started a PhD at Imperial College
• Attended scientific conferences

Next, I’d like to:
Write up a fellowship application for an interdisciplinary research project focusing on the effects of perinatal mental health on placental development and consequential effects on child development.