We have put together some answers to common questions below with regards to our PhD or MD(Res) offerings. If you have further queries please contact the Research Degrees Administrator - researchdegreeenquiries@imperial.ac.uk.

Application FAQs

What are the steps in making a PhD or MD(Res) Application?

  1. Identify and seek the agreement of a supervisor. 

  1. Make an online application and upload your supporting documentation. 

  1. Send confirmation of your online application to the Research Degrees Administrator - researchdegreeenquiries@imperial.ac.uk. 

  1. Admissions and Departmental reviews of your application take place (all successful PhD/ MD(Res) applicants require an interview as part of the application process). You will be contacted following the outcome of your application reviews. 

How many supervisors do I need?

All students undertaking a PhD or MD(Res) require two supervisors. You only need to identify one at online application stage.  

How do I find a suitable supervisor?

The first step in the application process is to identify and speak to a supervisor. Please refer to MDR's research webpages in order to do this.

Are there any eligibility requirements that I need to be aware of?

You will be required to meet Imperial College London’s eligibility requirements with regards to academic qualifications and English language before you register for a PhD or MD(Res). Full information can be found on our eligibility webpage 

Please note that if you are applying for the President’s Scholarship you would need to have obtained a UK First in your undergraduate degree or equivalent. If you have an additional Masters, it must be awarded with a distinction.  

How do I apply?

Once you have found a supervisor who has agreed to supervise you, please apply using this link by clicking on ‘Apply for Doctoral Courses’ 

You will be prompted to create an account, once you have done so please log in and select the options below, before following the online instructions to complete the remainder of your application: 

- Under Course Type, please select ‘Doctoral’ 

- Under Academic Programme you have two options:  

  • For PhD applications please select your research area of interest, i.e.  'Clinical Medicine Research (Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction)’. 

  • For MD (Res) applications please select your research area of interest, i.e. ‘Clinical Medicine Research (Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction) MD (Res)’. 

Once you have completed your online application, please email confirmation to researchdegreeenquiries@imperial.ac.uk so that the Research Degrees Administrator can follow up your application with our Admissions Team. 

Once you complete your online application Registry will assess your qualifications and English language certificate where required to confirm you meet Imperial College London’s eligibility requirements, before forwarding for departmental review.  

What are the tuition fees?

Please refer to our Postgraduate Tuition Fees webpage for current tuition fee information.

As a staff member, am I eligible for discounted tuition fees?

As a member of staff, you may be eligible for a discounted rate of fees. For more information, please refer to the College’s Tuition Fee Remission Scheme.

If I am also a staff member, can I backdate my start PhD/ MD(Res) start date?

You can backdate the start of your PhD/ MD(Res) for a maximum of three months from the date you enrol following successful application. 

Who do I contact to follow up the progress of my application?

For all postgraduate enquiries, please contact the Research Degrees Administrator - researchdegreeenquiries@imperial.ac.uk  

If I am struggling to upload any documents to the online application system, who should I contact?

If you are unable to upload supporting documents to the online application system, please forward them to the Research Degrees Administrator - researchdegreeenquiries@imperial.ac.uk  

Do you have any funding opportunities?

For funding opportunities please refer to our department’s funding webpage. 

Additional studentship opportunities can be found on Imperial's scholarship’s webpage.