In our webinar series we highlight areas of ongoing molecular-science-and-engineering research at Imperial and address how how multidisciplinary research can make a real impact on solving societal challenges. All webinars are open to everyone and are suitable for a diverse audience.

The structure of the webinars is a short presentation on a piece of multidisciplinary research followed by attendee Q&A. Our webinars are recorded and available to view on our IMSE YouTube Channel.  You must register in advance to attend the webinar. All registration is through Eventbrite. To register for a specific event please click the title of the webinar which will direct you to the Eventbrite page.

Each webinar series looks at a different theme that IMSE is currently addressing :

Molecular Engineering for Next Generation Batteries

The themes we have previously addressed can be found below. To view these webinars please click in the title and you will be directed to our IMSE Youtube Channel.

Greener Plastics Future and Sustainable Materials

For more information about the work that college is doing on this theme please read the joint IMSE and OPSN briefing paper "Enabling a Greener Plastic Future through Molecular Science".  You can watch the launch on our Youtube Channel. 

Challenges in Antimicrobial Resistance

For more information about IMSE involvement with surfaces to combat Antimicrobial Resistance please read our briefing paper Smart Surfaces to Tackle Infection and Anti Microbial Resistance