With IMSE's briefing paper series, we aim to highlight the power of an integrated molecular science and engineering framework for addressing many global grand challenges.

These papers are circulated to funding agencies, policy makers and potential commercial partners as we promote the potential of our approach and our world class expertise to the wider academic, industrial and government communities.

Launched last year, the series so far (see below) includes an introduction to the integrated molecular science and engineering concept as an effective way to tackle many global grand challenges, and a paper on future opportunities in the additive manufacturing industry. Upcoming papers will include issues related to carbon capture and utilisation, and to the molecular engineering of antimicrobial surfaces.

As the molecular science and engineering approach continues to gather pace around the world, IMSE’s briefing papers can help shape the discourse for a range of topics and can help advertise the accessibility of Imperial’s world-class expertise, facilities and insight. IMSE can also help support the writing, editing, production and dissemination of these professional papers.

If you would like to suggest a topical subject for an IMSE briefing paper, please complete the briefing paper proposal form and return it to IMSE Communications Manager, Kieran Brophy. Please contact Steph if you have any questions or for more information.