Molecular science and engineering

The molecular science and engineering research frameworkThe holistic molecular science and engineering framework has been enabled by the conjunction of many recent technological advances. These developments now allow researchers to make, measure, and model molecules for specific purposes, with unprecendeted accuracy and predictive power.

Such advances include:

  • Novel approaches to making molecules and materials, e.g., click chemistry, advanced polymerisation, self-assembly and biomimicry
  • New characterisation and analytical techniques make it possible to image materials at almost every spatial scale
  • Multiscale modelling techniques that span the sub-atomic, micro- and macro-scales allow many processes to be accurately simulated
  • Ground-breaking and innovative manufacturing techniques, including 3D printing and colloidal lithography
  • State-of-the-art systems engineering principles and modern computer-assisted decision-making techniques allow the best molecules and materials to be created and optimised for specific functions

Read more about the molecular science and engineering concept in our briefing paper.

"It is not enough to simply make molecules; we must make molecules work for a complex world."