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AB - Mycobacterium tuberculosis remains a global threat to human health yet the molecular mechanisms regulating immunity remain poorly understood. Cytokines can promote or inhibit mycobacterial survivalinside macrophages, andthe underlying mechanisms represent potential targets for host-directed therapies. Here we show that cytokine-STAT signaling promotesmycobacterial survivalwithin macrophages by deregulating lipid droplets via ATG2 repression. In Drosophilainfected withMycobacterium marinum,mycobacterium-induced STAT activitytriggered by unpaired-familycytokinesreduces Atg2 expression, permittingderegulation of lipid droplets. Increased Atg2expression, or reduced macrophage triglyceride biosynthesis,normalizes lipid deposition in infected phagocytes and reduces numbersof viable intracellular mycobacteria. In human macrophages,addition ofIL-6promotes mycobacterial survival and BCG-induced lipid accumulation by a similar, but probably not identical, mechanism. Our results reveal Atg2regulation as amechanism by which cytokines can control lipid droplet homeostasis and consequently resistance to mycobacterial infectionin Drosophila.
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