MRC Colloquium event

The Imperial MRC Colloquium took place in November for students funded by the Medical Research Council Doctoral Training Partnership (MRC DTP).  The event was hosted by FoM Lead for Doctoral Degrees, Professor Laki Buluwela.

Attendees met and discussed their work with fellow MRC funded students, with Dr James Horswill (MRC Programme Manager, Capacity and Skills), Dr David MacIntyre (MRC Career Development Fellow), and with Dr Nessa Carey (Author and International Director at PraxisUnico).

Students from across College attended, including those that joined the MRC DTP Studentship programme in 2016. James Horswill gave a presentation detailing MRC opportunities for early career researchers, and encouraged students to make use of the flexible funding via the Imperial MRC Supplement Scheme.

The keynote talk was open to all Faculty of Medicine PhD students and Professor Buluwela introduced Dr Nessa Carey who spoke about 'How to Prepare For An Unknowable Future'. The recording of this talk is available here for Imperial staff and students.

The Best Essay prizes were announced and Dr Carey presented the winners with a prize and certificate. Congratulations to our winners Marina Natoli and Victoria Juskaite.

MRC Colloquium highlights

Dr David MacIntyre addresses Colloquium participants

Dr David MacIntyre
Addressing our Colloquium participants

Marina Natoli, Best Essay winner

Marina Natoli
Best Essay winner

Victoria Juskaite, Best Essay winner

Victoria Juskaite
Best Essay winner