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author = {Petit, C and Park, Y and Lin, KA and Park, AHA},
title = {Novel liquid-like nanoscale organic hybrid materials for CO2 capture},
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AB - New solvents referred to as Nanoparticle Organic Hybrid Materials (NOHMs) are being developed for various energy and environmental applications, with a particular focus on CO2 capture. These nanoscale hybrid materials consist of an inorganic nanocore functionalized with a polymeric canopy, which acts as the solvating medium. Compared to the conventional amine-based solvents, NOHMs exhibit valuable properties such as negligible vapor pressure and high thermal stability. CO2 capture by NOHMs is expected to arise from two properties: the tunable chemistry of the canopy via selection of task-specific functional groups, as well as the specific structural arrangement of the polymer chains, favored by decreases in entropy. In this study, different NOHMs were synthesized and they were characterized using thermogravimetric analysis, spectroscopic tools (i.e., NMR, Raman, ATR FT-IR), and viscosity measurement techniques. The CO2 capture and CO2-induced swelling behaviors of NOHMs were evaluated and the mechanisms of CO2 absorption were investigated. The effects of the canopy structure (e.g., grafting density, polymer geometry), the canopy functionalization (e.g., presence of amine groups), and the presence of other flue gas components (e.g., N2, SO2, H2O) on the overall CO2 capture process were studied.
AU - Petit,C
AU - Park,Y
AU - Lin,KA
AU - Park,AHA
PY - 2012///
TI - Novel liquid-like nanoscale organic hybrid materials for CO2 capture
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