Past exhibitions


7 Oct – 7 Nov

On Innards Professional artists mixed media exhibition:  Amanda Couch, Andrew Hladky and Mindy Lee

11 – 20 Nov  

Website Redesign The College’s Communications and Public Affairs Divisionshowcase a range of the college’s website homepages since 2007

25 Nov – 8Jan

 From Ritual To Romance A solo exhibition of new works by professional artist Chris Shaw

13 – 30 Jan

You Never Look at me From the Place Which I See You Work from current Royal College of Art students: Hyojin Kim, Yu Ting Ong, Duncan Pare, Jinyong Park, Kyung HwaShon

3 - 12 Feb

Imperial College Leonardo Society group show

17 - 26 Feb

ArtsFest 2015

3 – 12 Mar

Imperial College Photographic Society group show

17 Mar – 23 April  

A Walk Around the World A group exhibition from member’s of ‘Imperial As One’ the college’s race equality advisory group.

5 – 21 May  

Medical Humanities Students Mixed media work from students on the Medical Humanities Course

26 May – 10 July

A solo exhibition by professional artist Susan Sluglett 

14 July – 10 Sept 

Soundings: thought over time A solo exhibition from Imperial College staff member Susan Ryland


2 Oct – 1 Nov

Sitting with the qualities of a mountain A mixed media professional artistshow including: Stuart Cumberland, Annabel Elgar, Rita Evans, Patrick Guns, Damian Meade, Simon Willems

6 – 14 Nov

Memento Mori A mixed media Imperial College student show by Shrawan Patel and Karan Prakash

20 – 27 Nov   

The Colours of Dark Light - Drawings towards the Music Solo show by visiting artist and musician Edward Cowie

4 Dec – 9 Jan   

Return to reason A collage exhibition by professionalartists: Jorge de la Garza, Rowena Hughes, Amelia Critchlow

15 – 30 Jan   

An Inoperative Mythology Work from the Royal College of art painting students: Lauren Cohen, Abraham Kritzman, Marlene Steyn, Isobel Wohl, Zadie Xa  

5 -13 Feb  


19 – 27 Feb


5 – 13 Mar   


19 – 27 Mar  

TheImaginative RealitySolo painting Imperial College research postgrad Anupa Sahdev

2 Apr – 1 May  


7 – 22May

Medical Humanities Students Mixed media work from students on the Medical Humanities Course

28 May- 12 Jun  

Finding PatternsMembers of the Physics department and their artist in residence,Geraldine COX IC create a mixed media exhibition

18 Jun – 18 Jul  

Solo Exhibtion by professional artists Srinivassurti

23 Jul – 4 Sep  

PsychologicalLandscapesA solo painting exhibition by Imperial College staff memberSangeeta Sabharwal


19 Sep – 5 Oct  

Art of Performance Solo photography exhibition by Imperial College staff member Ian Gillett

10 Oct – 9 Nov  

 Now the dream is over Mixed media professional artist exhibition including: Mimei Thompson, Janina Pedan, Annabel Dover, Julie Cockburn, Tessa Farmer, Alistair Mackie,Christopher Stevens, Ben Toms, Amy Stickland, Urara Tsuchiya, VinitaMoran/Owl Cave, Zoe Brown, Oliver Bancroft , James Connelly, Alex Pearl

14 – 23 Nov 

Shakey Jake A solo exhibition of paintings and drawings by Imperial College student Matt Rinaldi

28 Nov – 3 Jan 

 FlatlandProfessional artists painting exhibition including: Louisa Chambers,Geoff Diego Litherland, Daisy Richardson

9 Jan - 7 Feb

Spooky ActionWork from current Royal College of Art painting students: Lucy Boyle, Benjamin Brett, Emily Cooper, Laura Fitzgerald, Neil Raitt, Joshua Sex 

13 – 22 Feb  

 ArtsFest 2013

27 Feb – 8 Mar  

Imperial College's Photography society group show

13 – 22 Mar

Imperial College's Leonardo Society group show

27 Mar - 2 May

Sculptures from Imperial College staff member Max J Lab

8 – 30 May   

Medical Humanities Students Mixed mediawork from students on the Medical Humanities Course

5 – 14 Jun 

Respect  A photographic installation from Imperial College staff member Peter Wrenn

19 Jun – 19 Jul  

This Glitch A professional mixed media show by Andrea Medjesi-Jones, Krister Klasssman Lee Marshall, Liam Richardson,Ed Saye

24 Jul – 13 Sep

EXPOSAT -EXploring Perceptions Of Space And Time A mixed media group showfrom Imperial College Staff members: Simon Bastians, Kayode Disu, Nick Kay, Chris Kendrick, Sam McKenney, Bachir Taouti