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AB - We investigate the molecular order and thin film morphology of the conjugated polymer polytellurophene, in order to understand how the tellurium atom and the choice of side-chain influence the conjugated polymer’s backbone planarity and performance in organic transistors. We find that poly(3hexyltellurophene) (P3HTe) continues the trend from polythiophene (P3HT) to polyselenophene (P3HS): substitution with Tellurium leads to a more planar backbone, evident from the shifts of the CC vibrational peak to lower wavenumbers (∼1389 cm–1) and a smaller optical band gap (∼1.4 eV). Resonant Raman spectroscopy revealed that molecular order was highly dependent on the structure of the P3ATe alkyl side-chain: a longer chains introduces kinetic hindrance, reducing the fraction of ordered phase obtained at room temperature, while a branched side-chain introduces steric hindrance, with intrinsic disorder present even when deposited at higher temperatures. When blended with the insulator HDPE, all three polymers exhibit little additional disorder and instead form phase-separated networks of high molecular order that are beneficial to percolated charge transport in transistors. We find that molecular order, as measured by Raman, correlates well with reported transistor mobilities and provides a greater understanding of the structure–property relationships that determine the performance of these novel organometallic polymers in electronic devices.
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