Technology commercialisation through Imperial Innovations

Imperial Innovations is Imperial College London’s commercialisation partner. Innovations works with entrepreneurial academics and inventors across the Imperial ecosystem to guide the translation of academic research through the commercialisation process.

Innovations can help you:

  • Patent your research
  • Form a company based on your research
  • Licence your technology to an industry partner, in exchange for royalties
  • Support you in attracting translational grant funding for your research
  • Sell your research materials through Quicktech, its straightforward online licensing platform

Patent your research

If you have developed an idea or invention through your academic research, our technology transfer team will work with to protect your invention and develop the idea towards commercialisation.

Please use our contact form to get in touch today if you think you’ve developed something novel – it doesn’t matter how early stage it might be.

Forming a company

Imperial Innovations forms companies based around university technology. Some of our leading businesses are derived from research undertaken at the Faculty of Natural Sciences:

Innovations forms around six companies a year based on IP developed at Imperial, and a number of these receive venture capital support from the Group. If you’re interested in starting a business around your research, you should use the contact form or find a member of the Technology Transfer team.


Imperial Innovations also licences technology developed at Imperial to industry. Our team will discuss this process with you if we have patented your technology. Find out more about how we decide whether to licence or form a business around a technology.

Support for grant funding

Many translational grants require input from your technology transfer office. Imperial Innovations is happy to support grant funding applications from Imperial academics; you can contact a member of the team to get started.


Quicktech is a new platform developed by Imperial Innovations to support straightforward technology licensing transactions for products such as research materials or software.

If you have a technology you’re interested in offering through the platform, or would simply like to learn more, please contact: