The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) presents a unique opportunity for collaboration. The depth and breadth of technology challenges covered, is opening the door for new partnerships. This is an exciting prospect as it propels UK innovation closer to market by bringing together resource and expertise from across the supply chain. 

Imperial has involvement in a number of ISCF projects. We are a founding partner in the Faraday Institution which is facilitating the ISCF’s Faraday Battery Challenge and are leading a consortium of seven universities and 17 industry partners on the battery system modelling challenge. In addition to the Faraday Challenges, we have contributed expertise to solutions in materials, manufacturing and leading-edge healthcare.

As well as participating in existing projects, we are looking to explore new partnerships and finding ways our expertise can be included in the solutions presented to these challenges. As consortia look to build their expertise we could provide the technical knowhow needed to complete a challenge.

We look forward to supporting the next wave of challenges in:

  • Accelerating detection of disease
  • Commercialising quantum technologies
  • Digital security by design
  • Driving the electric revolution
  • Future flight
  • Industrial decarbonisation 
  • Manufacturing made smarter
  • Smart sustainable plastic packaging
  • Transforming foundation industries 

Contact us

Imperial is excited to be involved in this initiative and if you’re interested in seeing how Imperial could partner with you on ISCF calls contact Fiona Jamieson ( / 020 7594 7596) directly.

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