Contact the STEP team

For details of how to attend the next workshop, or any other queries, please email Kasia Kmieckowiak.


The Strategic Training in External Partnerships (STEP) programme aims to enable academics within the Faculty of Natural Sciences to build new collaborations, diversify their research portfolio, expand their internal network and deliver excellence with impact. The programme is open to all but has a particular focus on academic staff who have joined Imperial within the last one or two years.

Content and Format

The programme runs over approximately seven months, with hour-long sessions covering the following topics:

Attendees are expected to attend each session to hear more about the support available and share their experience in a conversational and interactive session.
Each session also includes a brief conversation with academic peers who talk about their successful experiences of obtaining external funding, for example through publicly funded programme grants, working with industry or commercialising their research.

2017-2018 STEP Programme

The Faculty plan to run the STEP Programme each academic year and further information will be available in due course. The programme is open to all, with recommendations for new staff to attend. If you are interested in attending the next workshop, please speak to your Head of Department and email Kasia Kmieckowiak.

Past workshops