Accessing your data (UKNC web portal)

Data for your own unit can be requested directly from Clevermed Ltd ( Further information may be found on the Clevermed website.

If you have been asked to check your neonatal unit's data please log in as indicated below to access the UKNC web portal:

  • Access the online portal (it is only accessible through the NHS network) 
  • Sign in corner using your username and password (immediately above the NDAU logo)
  • If you experience any difficulties in logging in, contact the NDAU at or
  • Please be patient when logging in as certain networks may be slower than others
  • If you need to make corrections to data this MUST BE DONE through your local entry system (this is for the majority of neonatal units)

Obtaining data from the National Neonatal Research Database (NNRD)

The NNRD is composed of data items from the Neonatal Data Set (ISB1595) [pdf]‌. If you would like an extraction of retrospective data for service evaluation then please complete the data request form and submit to If you would like an extraction for any other purpose please submit your protocol and the data request form to

Review of request
The steering committee of the NDAU will review your data request to determine if your project is research or audit. Applicants will be notified of the decision within 30 working days of the next NDAU Steering Committee meeting. Research extractions will require review by the Research Ethics Committee, whereas audit projects are produced for local, regional or national need.

Resourcing request
Applicants will be provided with a costing for the project. Costs will cover data extraction services, statistical services and any administrative services if necessary.

Contacting neonatal units
Research applicants will need to seek consent from neonatal units to use their data and the NDAU will carry this out on your behalf.

Data release
Applicants will need to sign a data transfer agreement, and will be expected to publish results of their project in a public domain.