Neonatal data set consultation

Dear Colleague

Public consultation: Neonatal Data Set (ISB1595) review; opens 04/07/19, closes 15/08/19.

I am writing to you to invite views on the introduction of new data items to the Neonatal Data Set, and the removal of items no longer considered necessary. Please feel free to forward this letter to any interested parties.

The Information Standards Board (ISB) (subsequently named the Standardisation Committee for Care Information) approved the Neonatal Data Set as an NHS information standard in 2013. The Neonatal Data Set comprises items relating to neonatal patient demographics, clinical interventions, outcomes, and diagnoses.

Neonatal Data Set items are extracted from electronic clinical records, to create a database (National Neonatal Research Database), and make this available as a national resource to serve a variety of needs, so avoiding duplicate data collection for different purposes, minimising the burden placed upon clinical teams, and promoting data quality and completeness.

The Neonatal Data Set contains items that are mandatory for NHS Trusts to submit to fulfil Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership requirements. Mandatory data items from the Neonatal Critical Care Minimum Data Set are also included. All NHS trusts in England and Wales that provide neonatal services, as well as neonatal units in Scotland, submit the Neonatal Data Set for inclusion in the National Neonatal Research Database.

The NDS consultation document below contains items suggested for inclusion or exclusion to date. Please feel free to add comments. If you have new items to suggest or items you feel should be removed, please indicate these providing a clear justification for your response.

Please send responses to by 15th August 2019

NDS consultation document