Below is a full list of projects available for 2022/23. The hyperlinked project titles will download a PDF file of the full project description.
Supervisors are based in Bioengineering except where indicated.

Supervisor(s)Project titleProject type
Kambiz Alavian (Brain Sciences), Andrew Shevchuk (Metabolism, Digestion & Reproduction) Understanding the role of mitochondrial metabolic efficiency in synaptic transmission and plasticity Lab based
Samuel Barnes (Brain Sciences) Investigating the Effect of Temporal Interference Stimulation to induce brain wide plasticity Lab based
Anil Bharath Neural Architectures for Predicting the Behaviour of Dynamical Systems Lab based
Anil Bharath Uncovering the neural code of DRL agents Lab based
Martyn Boutelle, Emmanuel Drakakis Wearable sensors for detection of ALS Lab based
Martyn Boutelle Microfabricated multimodality probes for minimally invasive monitoring the brain Lab based
Martyn Boutelle Tracking neuronal activity in the human brain Lab based
Mazdak Ghajari (Design Engineering), David Sharp (Brain Sciences) Computational prediction of vascular injuries after traumatic brain injury Desk based
Rylie Green A bioelectronic implant for cancer treatment Lab based
Rylie Green Biofunctionalising electrodes through conductive hydrogel coatings Lab based
Rylie Green Injectable brain machine interfaces Desk based
Rylie Green Living Bionics: Stimulation to drive neural network development Lab based
Rylie Green Living electrodes: Adhering cells through biotinylation Lab based
Rylie Green Neonatal EEG Electrode Cap Lab based
Rylie Green Printing of flexible polymer bioelectronics Lab based
Rylie Green Spinal cord bridge Lab based
Rylie Green Living electrode-on-a-chip: development of microphysiological models to study bioelectronic interfaces in vitro Lab based
Rylie Green, Bogachan Tahirbegi Conducting polymer nanowire and graphene based transistors on paper and PDMS for ultradense ECoG (Electrocorticography) arrays Lab based
Rylie Green, Bogachan Tahirbegi Fabrication of hybrid electrodes and hydrogels from conductive polymer nanowires, graphene and carbon nanotubes on PDMS  for non-invasive neuroimaging Lab based
Shlomi Haar (Brain Sciences) Movement and neural variability in real-world motor tasks Lab based
Shlomi Haar (Brain Sciences), Aldo Faisal Real-World Motor Learning in Embodied Virtual Reality Lab based
Shlomi Haar (Brain Sciences), Yen Tai (Brain Sciences) Neurobehavioural biomarkers for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Lab based
Johanna Jackson (Brain Sciences) Samuel Barnes (Brain Sciences) Utilisation of SV2a as a biomarker in Alzhimer's Disease Lab based
Adrien Rapeaux (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) Please contact to discuss projects (click for details) Lab based
Christopher Rowlands A New Head Mounted Display Concept: Virtual Reality in a Pair of Sunglasses Lab based
Christopher Rowlands Analyzing hyperspectral oncological images using cutting-edge data processing Lab based
Christopher Rowlands Building a next-generation scanning microscope Lab based
Christopher Rowlands Developing algorithms to sculpt light in 3D Lab based
Christopher Rowlands World's Fastest Video Camera Lab based
Simon Schultz Mapping amyloid plaques in whole brains using serial section two photon tomography Lab based
Simon Schultz, Ann Go Multiphoton imaging of the hippocampus in mouse models of neurodegenerative disease Lab based
Barry Seemungal (Brain Sciences), Simon Schultz Assessing the effect of Dopamine on mutual information of Perceptuo-Motor Coupling in humans via transcranial magnetic stimulation Lab based
Barry Seemungal (Brain Sciences), Tim Constandinou (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) Use of electrophysiological and structural markers of inter-hemispheric connectivity to model the beneficial effect of noisy galvanic vestibular stimulation upon postural control Lab based
Molly Stevens Developing innovative biomaterials for regenerative medicine, advanced therapeutics and biosensing Lab based
Reiko Tanaka Automatic quantification of fungal burdens in histology images using deep neural networks Desk based
Reiko Tanaka Development of computational tools to predict the occurrence of eczema using machine learning methods Desk based
Mengxing Tang Functional imaging using ultrafast and super-resolution ultrasound Lab and desk based