EEG compatible MRI system from Brain Products

This system is designed to do simultaneous EEG/fMRI experiments and can also be used to perform simultaneous EEG and brain stimulation experiments. MRI scanner EEG cap

The system is composed by a 32-channel amplifier an additional 8 channel bipolar amplifier extension (can be used to record electrooculogram or motor evoked potentials). It is equipped with a SyncBox to synchronize the EEG and MRI scanner clocks and a trigger cable to send TTL triggers to the EEG system from a computer running a behavioural task. The system has a USB 2 adapter (BUA) that allows the recording of up to 128 channels.

We have two 32-channel MR compatible caps to fit different head sizes.

Location: Imperial College Clinical Imaging Facility (ICCIF), Wolfson Education Centre basement, Hammersmith Campus

Contact: Ines Violante