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AB - Single-chip UWB radar systems have enormouspotential for the development of portable, low-cost and easy-to-use devices for monitoring the cardiovascular system. Usingbody coupled antennas, electromagnetic energy can be directedinto the body to measure arterial pulsation and cardiac motion,and estimate arterial stiffness as well as blood pressure. Inthe current study we validate that heart rate signals, obtainedusing multiple UWB radar-on-chip modules and body coupledantennas, do indeed originate from arterial pulsation. ThroughECG-aligned averaging, pulse arrival time at a number oflocations in the body could be measured with high precision,and arterial pulse propagation through the femoral and carotidartery was demonstrated. In addition, cardiac dynamics weremeasured from the chest. Onset and offset of ventricular systolewere clearly distinguishable, as well as onset of atrial systole.Although further validation is required, these results show thatUWB radar-on-chip is highly suitable for monitoring of vascularhealth as well as the heart’s mechanical functioning.
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