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TYC Student Day Poster Prizes


Jacek Golebiowski, and Fangyuan Gu both won a poster prize at the recent TYC Student Day.

TSM Students (Jacek Golebiowski, and Fangyuan Gu), won a poster prize at the recent TYC Student Day. 

Here are the abstracts about their research: 

Jacek Golebiowski (Cohort 6)

In recent years, compositions of plastics and carbon nanotubes (CNT) have received significant interest as a very promising material that could be used for very demanding applications such as ballistic protection. However, before we can safely use CNT-plastic bulletproof vests, it is necessary to learn more about this class of materials and explore different ways of improving their properties. Here, we try to use computer simulations to aid the process of development by studying the interactions between CNTs and plastics as well as the process of critical failure of those materials. 

 Fangyuan Gu (Cohort 7)

In this project, we use electronic structure methods and atomistic simulations to understand the influence of intense ultrafast laser pulses on the domain structure and dynamics in multiferroics. This will help develop basic physics of perovskite multiferroics, interpret results of recent pump-probe experiments and open new possibilities in the design and optimisation of optically controlled devices.


Veena Dhulipala

Veena Dhulipala
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