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Imperial College Advanced Hackspace at the Victoria & Albert Museum

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ICAH's Continuum showcase at the V&A

ICAH's Continuum showcase at the V&A

ICAH put on magical show at The Victoria & Albert Museum this July, with the interactive exhibition Continuum first showcased at the Imperial Festival

Congratulations to our Continuum team that put on a magical show this July at The Victoria & Albert Museum!

Continuum at Victoria Albert Museum Continuum is an evolving interactive exhibition that was first displayed at this year's Imperial Festival and went on to be selected to exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum's Friday Late this July. It showcases the work of the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace, Imperial College London and the Innovation Design Engineering masters program at the Royal College of Art, but more importantly the unlimited potential of a multidisciplinary team.

Continuum at Victoria Albert MuseumThe installation is a physical manifestation of the ideation process. Every great idea starts with a spark of inspiration - that initial seed of a thought that has the potential to grow from nothing into a masterpiece. Take a ball, and customise it with your ‘spark’. Then follow its journey through the chaotic world of Continuum and watch it evolve through the innovation process into something extraordinary.

Continuum at Victoria Albert Museum

"Continuum was a truly unique way to showcase the work of the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace. The creativity and ingenuity of the team enabled them to negotiate the tight schedule and restrictions of working within a historic building to create an activity which was not compromised.

The hugely ambitious installation illustrated complex ideas, transforming conceptual thinking into a hands on activity. It is this approach to public engagement that I found most beneficial to the Friday Late programme – using a playful vehicle to discuss a wider topic or idea. I believe it was the team’s ability convey their ideas through face to face interactions which made the activity such a success amongst our visitors"
Bethan Johnson, Victoria & Albert Museum

Continuum Team at The Victoria and Albert Museum


Claudia Arnold

Claudia Arnold
Dyson School of Design Engineering

Laura Stevenson

Laura Stevenson
Human Resources Division

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