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Design Engineering's contribution to PLATE conference



The contributions made by the School include three papers and a workshop

A team from the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College including Anouk Zeeuw van der Laan (PhD candidate), Leila Sheldrick, Weston Baxter and Marco Aurisicchio attended the second edition of the Product Lifetimes and the Environment (PLATE) conference at TU Delft. The contributions made by the School include three papers and a workshop as listed below.

In addition, Anouk has been interviewed by Walter R. Stahel on the theme of planned obsolescence. Her interview can be viewed by following this link.




Developing scenarios for product longevity and sufficiency Dewberry E.L.(a), Sheldrick L.(b), Sinclair M.(c), Moreno M.(d) and Makatsoris C.(d) [a)The Open University, Milton Keynes; b) Imperial College London; c)Loughborough University, Loughborough; d)Cranfield University]

Decontaminating experiences with circular offerings Baxter W.(a), Aurisicchio M.(a), Mugge R. (b), and Childs P.(a) [a) Imperial College London; b) Delft University of Technology]

Planned obsolescence in the circular economy Zeeuw van der Laan A. and Aurisicchio M.[Imperial College London]


Consumer intervention mapping across the product lifecycle Leila Sheldrick1 , Matt Sinclair2 , Mariale Moreno3, Emma Dewberry4 and Harris Makatsoris3 [1 Imperial College London; 2 Loughborough University; 3 Cranfield University; 4 The Open University]



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