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New HexMat Papers Published


Direct volumetric measurement of crystallographic texture using acoustic waves

New HexMat papers on measuring volumetric texture of polycrystalline materials with ultrasound.

Two papers have recently been published on measuring volumetric texture of polycrystalline materials with ultrasound:

Direct Volumetric Measurement of Crystallographic texture using acoustic waves, Bo Lan, T. Ben Britton, Tea-Sung Jun, Weimin Gan, Michael Hofmann, Fionn P.E. Dunne, Michael J.S. Lowe, Acta Materialia, 2018


Graphical abstract:

Bo Lan et al

Powered by a general theoretical platform that links the polycrystal texture with acoustic wave speeds via a simple convolution relationship, rapid non-destructive measurements of volumetric texture are achieved using the conventional water-bath ultrasonic system. The results of seven representative hexagonal and cubic samples are successfully validated against the well-established neutron diffraction technique.

Graphical Abstract:


By introducing a theoretical platform that links polycrystal wave speed with crystallographic texture through a simple convolution relationship, the well-established resonant ultrasound spectroscopy, which measures elastic constants from natural frequencies of the samples, can be easily used for non-destructive evaluation of bulk texture.

Rapid measurement of volumetric texture using resonant ultrasound spectroscop, Bo LanMichael.A.CarpenterWeimin GanMichael HofmannFionn P.E.DunneMichael J.S.Lowe



Saira Naeem

Saira Naeem
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