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2018 academic promotions are announced at Imperial


Professor Maria Charalambides at the 2017 Imperial Festival

Professor Maria Charalambides at the 2017 Imperial Festival

Amongst those promoted is Maria Charalambides, who is now a Professor of the Mechanics of Materials.

Professor Charalambides leads the Soft Solids research group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial. The group’s research has a wide range of applications, from food to medical adhesives, paints and coatings.

“I am delighted to have achieved this milestone”, said Professor Charalambides. “This means a great deal to me by providing recognition of my contribution towards our mission in excellence in research and teaching. I would like to thank all current and past members of my research group for their hard work throughout the years as well as my Department, colleagues and collaborators for all their support. I look forward to the exciting opportunities for further success that this promotion now enables.”

Three members of our department’s academic staff have been promoted to Reader in Mechanical Engineering: Dr Frederic Cegla (Non-Destructive Evaluation research group), Dr Jonathan Jeffers (Biomechanics group) and Dr Gregory Offer (Electrochemical Science and Engineering group).

Dr Jonathan Jeffers
Dr Jonathan Jeffers

Dr Jonathan Jeffers said the promotion is “a motivator to keep you working hard. Being a reader keeps you in the running for high profile grants. It’s good for the group, and it’s great externally as well.” Dr Gregory Offer said: “I am thrilled that my hard work over the last few years has been recognised through being promoted. I am now looking forward to working hard on the science and delivering on the large number of new projects that we have won over the last year and that will be keeping me busy for the next three years.”

"For me having been promoted feels great: it is an official endorsement and approval by the college that I manage my many day to day activities, such as teaching, research and outward communication, in an effective way. It also makes me feel proud to be seen as a positive contributor to the scientific and socio-economic fabric of Imperial, one of the world’s top universities", said Dr Frederic Cegla. 

Dr Peter Huthwaite (Non-Destructive Evaluation group) and Dr Liliang Wang (Metal Forming group) have been promoted to Senior Lecturer.

Dr Huthwaite said this was “an important step along the path which I started back in 2004 as an undergraduate, and I hope will continue with me making it to Reader and Professor. Imperial College London is a great place to study and research – I hope through my new position, I can continue to contribute to the world-leading research we do here.”

The full list of 2018 promotions can be found here.


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