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Lord Rees of Ludlow, Dr Philippa Mason, Sir David Attenborough

Lord Martin Rees, Dr Philippa Mason and Sir David Attenborough

Dr Philippa Mason joins 'Start of the Week' on Radio 4 for a conversation with Sir David Attenborough, Lord Martin Rees and Dr Michael Quetting.

The programme was a fascinating discussion on life, human interaction with animals, the future for humanity in the cosmos, and the exploration of planetary geology, with Sir David Attenborough (geologist & naturalist), Dr Michael Quetting (ornithologist), Lord Martin Rees (Astronomer Royal) and the Department of Earth Science & Engineering's own Dr Philippa Mason, a planetary geologist working, and also collaborating, with the Arts Council in the #Planets2018 project.

Presenter Andrew Marr steered the discussion expertly from one topic to another, and was himself clearly very interested in all the subjects.

Dr Mason says, "it was a stimulating and lively encounter with a 'Pappa Goose' and two living legends of science, both of whose company I feel proud and happy to have shared on a Monday morning."

Listen to Start the Week, broadcast on Radio 4 on 17 September 2018. 


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