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Camilla Audia and James Porter describe the success of their learning experiment following the active learning techniques used in a Horizons module.

Inspired by the innovative teaching on Horizons Global Challenges 2018-19 module The World Today, a group of academics at King's College London recently embarked on a learning experiment with their class of Master's students. Their reflections on the session can now be found on Change Makers blog

Dr Camilla Audia explains her rationale for introducing new teaching and learning techniques within the Environmental Science and Policy Master's module at King’s College London:

"I had read about the Change Makers ‘live tableau’ educational initiative at Imperial College, where students have to think creatively, quickly, and decisively on how to represent real-world problems such as clean water and sanitation, hunger, poverty and gender equality, using only their minds, bodies, and of course whatever is easily accessible around them.... So, I pitched the idea of a live tableau and James [the module leader] was on board."

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Cleo Bowen

Cleo Bowen
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