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CPE hosts KAST's 18th Frontier Scientists Workshop


CPE and delegation from KAST

The CPE has hosted an event to strengthen the scientific cooperation between the CPE and scientists from Korea.

The Centre for Plastic Electronics has hosted the 18th Frontier Scientists Workshop on 19 July 2019 for the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST) under the theme "sustainable energy sources for the next generation" for a day of discussions on their joint interests.

KAST has been hosting the Frontier Scientists Workshop since 2012, where globally renowned scientists and KAST scientists in related fields can meet and discuss their latest achievements and findings. It is hoped the workshop will lead to strengthen the scientific cooperation between the CPE and scientists from Korea and would enable all parties to find new ways to collaborate and suggest new research topics.

Prof Ji-Seon Kim opened the first session with a discussion on molecular physics, a critical tool for energy materials. She was followed by Prof Kisuk Kang, at the Advanced Energy Materials Laboratory at Seoul National University (SNU), who discussed the design of advanced materials from multi-disciplinary approaches for lithium-ion batteries and beyond, and Prof Martin Heeney who discussed ladder-type monomers for new acceptors and polymers with regards to material design for organic photovoltaic cells. After a short coffee break, Prof Ho Won Jang, also of Seoul National University, introduced halide perovskites for resistive switching devices and Prof Aron Walsh continued the metal halide perovskite theme with his intriguing talk title "semiconductors with a twist".

After lunch, we hard from three academics at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST): Prof Seokwoo Jeon, who talked about large-area, 3D nanostructure materials for stretchable and optical applications, Prof Paul Yoo, who discussed machine learning for energy systems and Prof Soo Young Kim, who followed up with some chemistry on transition metal sulfides synthesised by (NH4)2MeS4 precursors (Me = metal).

The final session of the day was lead by CPE Director Prof James Durrant, whose presentation "photochemical studies of approaches to artificial photosynthesis" was followed by SNU Professor Jeong-Yun Sun (ion-to-ion amplification through an open junction ionic diode), Queen Mary University London resident Prof Yang Hao (metamaterials by TO design and topological optimisation) and KAIST academic Prof Yeon Sik Jung (printing nanoscale things: metals, oxides and quantum dots).



Lisa Bushby

Lisa Bushby
Department of Physics